Be on the lookout for these Schuette Family Members, known for their cunning and thievery

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Gail and Troy provide ships, dock, and hideaway. You become either a ship's captain, crew member, or slave. Together we sail back to an exciting and thrilling time in history when women were wenches, men were pirates, and ships were filled to the hull with gold, silver, pearls, porcelain, coins, emeralds and rubies.

Tentative Schedule: Rain or Shine!

  • Sun, July 3
    • scenic drive - Brussels
    • hotel checkin
    • scenery, watersports, shop
    • family dinner
    • fireworks
  • Mon, July 4
    • meet and greet
    • games, contests
    • watersports
    • lawn games
    • landsports
    • swimming
    • potluck
    • seafood & fish boil
    • fireworks
  • Tues, July 5
    • options for lighthouse tour, winery tasting tour, hiking, biking, shopping, boating, fishing, landsports, lawn games, indoor swimming pool, Rock Island, Washington Island, Sister Bay, Potawatomie State Park, farmer's market, cherry picking
  • Weds, July 6
    • events - see Tuesday list and web links
    • festivities end at noon





pirate wench
This wench poses as sweet, hiding her cunning and conniving ways. Watch your gold watch and gold teeth disappear when she's around..

This young buccaneer knows the law of the high seas - only the wicked, daring and ruthless survive.
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(301) 602 6750