Swab the deck, hoist the sails, man the cannons, or else....

Blackbeard the pirate says "Matie. Pick a job or you'll be thrown overboard to the hungry sharks."


≡ Committees ≡


NOTICE: Select ye one of these jobs, or ye'll be assigned one ye don't partikularly tak' a likin' to! Some jobs need several people. Use the Contact page to email to submit your pre'erences. Volunteer for more than one!

Decorating - decorate tables and locale - Virginia and her "dec" hands - get it?

Setup - chairs, tables, table cloths, microphone - need 2-3 people

Photos volunteer - person with laptop to download from everyone's camera

Costume Contests- costume contests for adults, teens, tweens, kids - need 2-3 people to run contests - decide winners using judge panel or by family applause

Costumes Prizes - best dressed wench, best dressed pirate, best dressed young pirate, wenchette - need 2 people - decide and purchase prizes for each age group

Drinks - water, juice, wine, beer..... need 1-2 people

Lunches - set up food, clean up, store food, clean up tables, foods to bring/buy

Dinners - foods to bring/buy, set up food,, store food, clean up tables,

Half Pint Activities - games for beginner pirates

Pirateen and Piratween Activities - meet and greet games to get acquainted, scavenger hunts, treasure maps, assign teens to teams

Waterlubber Sports - organize groups for water skiing, power boat rides, kayaking, swimming

Landlubber Activities - meet and greet games, pirate charades, volleyball and other ball games, horseshoes, prizes

Cleanup - Swabbing the Decks - grounds, trash, recycling

Troy and Gail have the following resources:
2 large coolers, large galvanized tank for ice and drinks, 2 refrigerators, picnic table, two 8' tables w chairs, bench seating on water's edge for about 16, 10 lawn chairs. Large garage with full bathroom in case of rain. Large yard.

Jet boat for water skiing, tubing, wakeboarding. Paddle boat for less adventurous. Fishing boat. Jet ski. Paddle board. 38' offshore powerboat for speed riding. Cross to island via bridge for large fire pit, cauldron and sunning beach area.

Troy built huge stainless steel fish boil cauldron over fire on island, with two compartment basket to hold veggies on one side and seafood - crab legs, lobster, scallops, shrimp, fish - on other side all at one time. Serve right out of the basket buffet style.

Riverside Foods:
Owned by Troy's friend and supplies
king crab legs, scallops, perhaps lobster, shrimp, fish, potatoes, carrots, onions, celery, crab boil seasonings. We bring fresh breads, salads, desserts.

Call Janice at
(301) 602 6750