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Reunion Attendees
73 on 4th, 55 for 2-3 days, 18 4th only, 6 Unknown

Honorable Hosts, gi' me som' rum -
Captain Troy and First Mate Gail

Dock Hands, set yer sails -
Brett, Virge & Jake

Maties, aye, aye, shiver me timbers!
Caroline, Larry
Virginia, Holly
Donald, Myra 4th
Janice, Gregg
Dennis, Sandy

Pirates, hoist dem sails -
Kevin, Kay "some" days
Kay, Cliff 4th-6th
Kurt, Sherry
Kristy, Bob
Lori, Bill 3rd-5th
Keith, Tanya 3rd-4th
Debbie, Dave 4th
Scott, Vivian 4th
Cheryl, Terry 4th
Michelle, Jason 4th
Teresa, Matt
Chad, Briana

Buccaneers, overboard ye go!
Bradley, Emily, Jeremy-"some" days
Marie, Sadie, Ben, Pedro
Sarah, Sharon
Lane 3rd-5th
Brooke, Weston, Nicole
Devin, Ocean
John, James, AnnaLisa, Kristina
Kelly, Katie, Kyle 4th
Austin, Dayna 4th
Elizabeth, Rachel 4th
Erin 4th

By Age:
17&up- Brad, Brooke, Weston, John, Lane, James, Emily, Kelly
13-15- Nicole,, Marie, Annalisa, Kristina, Katie, Elizabeth, Sadie
12-13- Devin, Jeremy, Austin, Pedro, Ben
6-11- Kyle, Dayna, Rachel, Sarah, Ocean, Erin, Sharon

We will miss these people:
Melissa, Gerad - honeymoon; Hannah - West Point, Will, Samantha- US Army; Crystal, Al, Ayden; Ben; Shawna, Josh; Jeff

Blow me down! All t' scurvy bilge rats, hornswagglers, 'n corsair crews from VA, MD, DC, TN, CO 'av gathered 'board derens sea rovers and 'r now rowing their way to Sturgeon Bay. Dey see'n great grand sea beasties, th' mother of all whales! Thar she blows! Heave ho! Aye!

Ye lousy landlubbers, old salts, sea dogs, shark bait, 'n scalwags 'n WI, drug yer sorry keesters out t' th' ship 'n 'cide to pro'ect yeren miz'ble 'onor 'n yer booty 'n doubloons 'gin dees seafarin' invaders 'ith der cutlasses 'ntendin' to scuttle yer ships, arrgh? Ye sons of biscuit eaters.

treasure chest

Ahoy, me hearties 'n mattees! G'day All hand hoay!

pirate flag

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